Course Work at Other Institutions

Cross-Registration Program

The academic programs offered at Wofford are supplemented by a cooperative cross-registration arrangement between Wofford and neighboring Converse University.  Students at each institution may register on a space-available basis for certain courses offered at the other college and thus the number and types of courses available to students are considerably increased, efficient use of educational resources is developed, and a fuller relationship among the institutions is fostered.  This benefit is available only during the fall, Interim, and spring semesters to students who have a 2.00 cumulative GPA or better and who are otherwise in good standing, provided that there is space for their enrollment in the given courses. It is not valid for the summer sessions.  Wofford students may not take courses at Converse that are offered at Wofford nor may they take courses to meet Wofford’s General Education requirements. Priority for classroom space for Wofford students at Converse is given to upper class students. First-year students may not take courses at Converse.  Further information and registration options are available through the Office of the Registrar.

Cooperation with Other Institutions

Wofford has partnered with Clemson University and Columbia University to provide students with the option of pursuing a degree in engineering.  It has also established an agreement with Wake Forest University for students interested in pursuing a Master of Arts in Management.  In addition, Wofford has an agreement with Converse University for students who are interested in receiving the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.  Additional information regarding these programs can be found in the Pre-Professional Programs section of this Catalog.  

Coursework Elsewhere

Students wishing to take course work at another college or university and apply that work to their Wofford degree requirements must secure advance approval from the Office of the Registrar prior to attendance.  Courses used to satisfy major, minor, concentration, program and/or emphasis requirements must get the approval of the department chair. The Chairs will determine the suitability and equivalency of the courses towards the majors, minors, etc., while the Registrar's Office will consider whether the student’s request meets certain institutional requirements.  The Registrar's Office will evaluate all coursework and accept that which is equivalent to course offerings at Wofford and/or determined to be applicable to the liberal arts curriculum.  Official transcripts from all institutions attended must be received and evaluated by the Registrar's Office before any transfer credit is awarded.  Unofficial transcripts and screenshots of transcripts will not be accepted for evaluation of transfer work.

Eligibility conditions for coursework completed elsewhere:

  1. The student may not repeat a course at another college or university that s/he has failed or received a passing grade at Wofford.
  2. If a student has earned 60 or more credit hours s/he may only complete coursework at a 4-year college or university (not a technical or community college).
  3. The grade received in the course must be equivalent to a 'C' (2.00) or higher
  4. The coursework must be similar to courses/programs offered at Wofford
  5. The coursework must be completed at an institution of higher learning recognized by one of the six regional accrediting associations
  6. The student may not take a course load that Wofford considers excessive.
  7. Wofford College will not accept credit for any coursework completed as a wilderness expedition, leadership training (NOLS), or semester at sea program. Also, courses offered by correspondence, television or extension will not be accepted.
  8. Students may not take a course that is offered at Wofford at another Spartanburg area college or university in that same semester or term.
  9. Wofford will not accept credit for work completed at another institution by students who are serving their period of academic probation, academic exclusion, or who have been suspended/excluded for violating college policy as noted in the Code of Students Rights and Responsibilities and the Honor Code of the Student Handbook.

Other circumstances pertaining specifically to Total, GPA, and Residency requirements may impact the decision to take coursework elsewhere. Please consult the Degree Requirements section of this Catalog for additional information.

Once the Registrar’s Office receives the official transcript, credits will be accepted for those approved courses in which the student received a grade of 'C' or higher. Semester hours for accepted transfer courses will be adjusted to conform to Wofford’s curriculum, if necessary. The grades on courses taken elsewhere are not included in the computation of the student’s GPA. The only exception to this rule is for coursework completed in a Wofford-related study abroad program, or as part of the cross-registration program in effect with Converse University. With these programs, credits are accepted for all officially approved courses and the grades for all courses are included in the GPA computation in the same fashion as grades for courses taken at Wofford.

Certain scholarship awards programs require that coursework applied toward continued eligibility be done at the institution from which the student will earn the degree. Students should seek information from the Office of Financial Aid.