Repeating Courses

Students may repeat a maximum of four courses in which a final grade of C-, D, or F was previously earned. This policy provides that, for repeated courses, only the instance with the highest grade will be included in the grade-point average and credit hour calculations. Typically, this is the most recent attempt at the course. The previously earned course grade and credit hours will be excluded from both the GPA and the credit hour calculation. All repeated courses in excess of the limit of four will be included in the GPA calculation. Please be aware that grades earned from all attempts will be noted on the transcript.

Students wishing to take advantage of the repeat policy must receive an override from the Registrar’s Office prior to registration. The repeat policy is only available to courses taken and repeated at Wofford. Students also should be aware that the GPA benefit is only available when the exact same course (subject and number) is repeated. The benefit does not extend to other courses offered by the department.

Interim projects and certain courses may not be repeated. Under certain conditions, Chinese, French, German and Spanish 101, 102, 200, 201 and 202 may not be repeated.   The Course Numbering & Restrictions portion of the Catalog provides further details.