Repeating Courses

A student may repeat a course in which they earned a grade of C-, D or F. For any repeated course, only the highest earned grade will be included in the grade-point average and credit hour calculations.  The lower earned course grade(s) and credit hour(s) will be excluded from both the GPA and the credit hour calculation.  However, the previously earned course grade(s) and credit hour(s) will appear on the student’s transcript as a part of their academic history.

Students wishing to take advantage of the repeat policy must receive an override from the Office of the Registrar prior to registration. The repeat policy is only available for courses taken and repeated at Wofford. The GPA benefit is only available when the exact same course (subject, number and title) is repeated.  Interim projects are not eligible to be repeated.  Students who receive federal financial aid should review the Repeated Courses policy in the Financial Aid Handbook and speak with the Financial Aid Office, if they have questions.

Students may not use the repeat policy to return to the College following graduation to improve their grade point average.  The College is not obligated to provide students with an opportunity to repeat any course.