Academic Honesty

Essential to Wofford’s academic program is the integrity of student work. Representing someone else’s work or idea as one’s own, collaborating in unauthorized ways with peers, cheating or lying in a course or other academic context—these are all serious offenses.

Academic honesty at Wofford is governed by the Honor Council, a group of students entrusted to uphold the Honor Code. At the beginning of each semester, a summary of Honor Council hearings from the prior semester, including the number and types of cases considered and the sanctions imposed, will be published in The Old Gold & Black. No information that would identify specific individuals will be included in any published report.

The possible penalties for a student found guilty of academic dishonesty are as follows:

  • F in the course, replaceable (the course may be repeated to improve GPA)
  • F in the course, non-replaceable (the course may not be repeated to improve GPA)
  • Workshop in either research and/or time management
  • Suspension for a semester or more
  • Expulsion from the college

Suspension is defined as the separation of a student from Wofford College for a fixed period of time (usually from the time remaining in the academic term up to a full academic year).  Wofford will not accept for credit any coursework undertaken at other institutions by a student during his or her term of suspension.  Students who have been suspended must submit the Application for Readmission to the Office of the Registrar at least thirty days before the start of the semester/term in which they seek to return.  However, readmission is not guaranteed.  The Registrar may consult with the Provost, Dean of Students, and other appropriate faculty or staff prior to rendering a readmission decision.     

Expulsion is defined as permanent separation of a student from Wofford College.  Students expelled from the College are not eligible to return.  

A complete description of the Honor Code can be found in The Student Handbook.