Pre-Professional Programs

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

With the completion of the ROTC program at Wofford College graduates earn commissions as second lieutenants in the United States Regular Army, the National Guard, or the United States Army Reserve. The program prepares students for all branches of the Army, except for those requiring additional study on the graduate- or professional-school level. Delays in beginning active service may be granted to commissioned students who wish to attend law, medical, or dental school.

The United States Army gives financial support to ROTC. This support includes provision of uniforms, textbooks, and equipment for students in the program. In addition, the Army offers scholarships to qualified students selected through a national competition. 

Additional information on scholarships may be found in the Financial Aid & Scholarships portion of the Catalog.  A  description of program requirements can be found under Military Science section of Departments, Programs & Courses.


Students interested in earning a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) can do so through an articulation program with Converse University. The MAT degree program is designed for initial teacher certification and incorporates a baccalaureate undergraduate degree with a major (in an area other than education) along with specified courses and field experiences in education.  Entry to this program is available to Wofford students who have completed all or are within six hours of completing all requirements for the baccalaureate degree and who have completed a minimum of nine hours of the Wofford College education course component. Participants must have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0.  Converse University will accept up to fifteen hours of education core course components completed while an undergraduate at Wofford College through this articulation agreement.  Wofford students will complete at least one year of graduate study and any related requirements to satisfy the requirements for both the MAT degree and professional teacher certification. Areas of specialization designated by the articulation agreement include middle and secondary education in the areas of English, mathematics, science (biology or chemistry), or social studies.  Students should consult with the chair of the Education department at Wofford for details regarding entry into this program.

Pre-Engineering and Dual Degree Programs

A liberal arts education coupled with an engineering degree creates a unique engineer capable of solving complex technical problems and communicating those solutions to a broad audience that includes customers, other engineers, sales teams and executive officers. Our pre-engineering students take the skills they developed at Wofford and continue their studies elsewhere to round out their engineering degree.

The program has two potential pathways. The first is designed for students who graduate from Wofford and apply for graduate studies in engineering. The second is designed for students to complete the dual degree program requirements while at Wofford and then transfer to a partner institution (Columbia University or Clemson University) at the end of their junior year. 

Both pathways start with calculus based general physics courses (PHY 141 and PHY 142).  Interested students should contact the pre-engineering coordinator for curriculum guidance.

Pre-Health Care, Pre-Ministry and Pre-Law

Wofford College has an excellent reputation for preparing individuals for entry into medicine, dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, the Christian ministry, and law. Generally, any of the College’s majors provide a useful and appropriate background for students who wish to enter professional schools. There are, however, certain specific course requirements which must be met for admission to most professional and graduate schools. Therefore, it is necessary for interested students to consult early and frequently with the appropriate program adviser at Wofford.

Students interested in a health care field should be aware of course requirements for admission to schools of medicine, nursing, dentistry, or veterinary medicine. They should obtain the necessary information before choosing a major or deciding upon elective course work. Advisers for each area can be found in the Student Handbook.

There are no specific course requirements or majors which must be completed for admission to law school. Wofford College has a suggested curriculum for students who wish to prepare for the practice of law. Electives should include English, American History, Government, Accounting, Economics, Ethics, Writing, and Public Speaking. Statistics, Logic, Philosophy, Psychology and Religion also are recommended. A list of pre-law advisers can be found in the Student Handbook.

Students interested in Christian leadership and ministry are encouraged to affiliate with the Pre-ministerial Society and to establish a relationship with the college Chaplain, who offers opportunities for theological vocational exploration, mentoring, and seminary preparation.

Pre- Management

Wofford College and Wake Forest University established a partnership in which Wofford students who meet certain requirements are guaranteed acceptance to Wake Forest’s 10- month Master of Arts (MA) in Management.  The MA in Management is ideal for liberal arts, economics, and sciences graduates looking to gain a competitive edge in business.  The program is open to students of all majors with the exception of those pursuing a degree in accounting or finance.  Scholarships are assured, but amounts are based on GPA.  The only recommended courses at the undergraduate level are ACCT 211 Accounting Principles and MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics. Students should consult with the program coordinator about details regarding entry to the program.