Academic Standing, Probation & Exclusion

Students are expected to make reasonable progress toward a degree by maintaining a minimum GPA and completing the courses they register for each semester. Students who progress toward a degree and maintain a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or higher are in Good Standing (GS) with the institution. Students who do not consistently make reasonable progress, as noted in the table below, may be subject to Academic Probation (AP) and/or Academic Exclusion (AE). Probation serves two purposes: first, as a notice that sub-par academic work has endangered the student’s opportunity to continue at Wofford, and second, as an incentive to the student to seek any motivational or disciplinary assistance necessary to improve their performance. The purpose of academic exclusion is to give students a chance to step away from the academic environment, allowing them to significantly reevaluate their learning strategies and objectives before returning to the college. Students’ records are evaluated at the end of each semester (and summer term) with regard to Academic Probation. Student’s records are evaluated at the end of each academic year (the end of the spring semester) with regard to Academic Exclusion.

The GPA hours and GPAs to which the table refers are cumulative figures and are based only on work undertaken at Wofford, or in Wofford related study abroad or cross-registration programs. The GPAs include all such work except for coursework graded on a Pass/Fail basis and that which the student received a grade of 'W'.

Students with GPA hours in these ranges: Are placed on probation if their GPAs are below this level: Are excluded if their GPAs are below these levels:
0-39 2.00 1.60
40-59 2.00 1.70
60-89 2.00 1.80
90 and over 2.00 1.90

Students who fail to earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00, but still earn above the minimum that warrants exclusion, are placed on academic probation for the subsequent semester. A student on probation will remain on probation until his/her cumulative GPA improves to at least a 2.00. Wofford will not accept credit for any coursework undertaken at another institution during the time which the student is on academic probation.

The first time a student earns a GPA below the probationary limit, as determined by the GPA hours noted above, they will be excluded for one academic semester. Students excluded in this fashion are required to serve their exclusion period during the following fall semester, being allowed to apply for readmission for the following interim term. Students who reach the GPA exclusion level for a second time, will be asked to sit out for the next academic year (including the fall and spring semesters as well as the interim term), being allowed to apply for readmission for the following summer term or fall semester.

Once placed on exclusion (first or second occasion), students have the opportunity to make themselves eligible for continued enrollment in the fall semester by earning a total of 12 credit hours at Wofford with a 2.50 or better during Summer I and II OR who complete less than 12 credit hours, but are able to improve their cumulative GPA to the probationary level or higher. Students who are eligible for continued enrollment will be placed on academic probation until they regain good standing by earning a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or better. Although excluded students may regain good academic standing through successful work in summer session, they lose their priority for residence hall rooms and for financial aid when they are excluded.  

Wofford will not accept credit for any coursework undertaken at another institution during the time the student is on academic exclusion. Students on exclusion and wanting to take coursework elsewhere are required to return to Wofford and regain good standing (a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better) prior to receiving approval to complete coursework at another institution. Students who are ready to return after serving their academic exclusion must apply for readmission through the Office of the Registrar.

Students who reach the GPA exclusion level for a third time, may be issued a permanent exclusion from the college. Permanent exclusion from the college is a very serious matter which is considered only after thorough deliberation among the Academic Standing Committee, the student concerned, and the student’s faculty adviser. No specific regulations, therefore, are prescribed for those situations in which permanent exclusion might be a possibility.