Mid-Term & Final Grades

Students can access their mid-term and final grades through myWofford.   Typically, grades are available the Tuesday afternoon following the last day of finals.  The only exception is Interim.  Because spring semester begins directly after the completion of Interim, final Interim grades are available the Tuesday following the first week of spring classes.  Students wishing to share their grades with their parents/guardians can do so by granting them proxy access through their myWofford portal.

A-F Grading System

Wofford College employs two grading systems, the first of which is the 'A-F' system.  It includes the following numeric values used to calculate the GPA.  The grade point average is used to determine Wofford students’ status regarding graduation, honors, the Dean’s List, and academic standing. The calculation of the GPA includes only the grades recorded on work graded 'A-F' and taken at Wofford, as part of Wofford-related foreign study programs, or when participating in the cross-registration program with Converse College.

A (Superior) 4.000
A- 3.700
B+ 3.300
B 3.000
B- 2.700
C+ 2.300
C 2.000
C- 1.700
D 1.000
F (Failure) .000


A student was permitted to sit in a class without earning credit or a grade.

I – Incomplete

Indicates the student was unable to complete the course for a legitimate reason and thus a final grade cannot be determined. The grade of 'I' is calculated as a failing grade in the GPA until a final grade is submitted. All coursework for an incomplete must be finalized no later than the mid-term of the following semester. A grade of 'F' will be recorded for any course not completed by the deadline.  A complete description of the Incomplete Grade Policy can be found in this Catalog

W- Withdraw

Indicates the student withdrew from a course by the official deadline, as noted on the academic calendar. Grades of 'W' are not calculated into the GPA or the earned credit hours.  The grade of 'W' applies to all courses (those graded A-F as well as those graded P/U) and for all withdrawal reasons (student initiated, administrative, and medical).  In the case of a medical withdrawal from the college, students can receive a grade of ‘W’ after the official withdrawal deadline, if approved by the Wellness Center. Students must follow the procedures associated with requesting a medical withdrawal from the college which includes providing appropriate documentation to the Wellness Center.  A complete description of the Medical Withdrawal Policy can be found in this Catalog.  

Pass/Unsatisfactory/Honors Grading System

The second system is the Pass/Unsatisfactory/Honors System. These grades are not used in calculating the GPA, but do count in the hours earned for graduation purposes.


The student completed a pass/unsatisfactory/honors course with a passing grade.


Indicates the student did not complete satisfactory work in a pass/unsatisfactory/honors course.


The student completed a pass/unsatisfactory/honors course with honors.


The grade of 'N' is used only rarely for Interim work, and then only with the expectation that it will be in effect for no longer than one week after the end of the Interim, by which time all work should be completed and final evaluation made. A grade of 'N' may also be assigned to regularly offered pass/unsatisfactory/honors courses.  A grade of 'U' or unsatisfactory will be recorded for any course that has not been completed by the deadline.