Academic Advising Programs

Advising for First-Year Students and Sophomores

Upon entering the college, each new student is assigned a general education advisor. This relationship continues until the student declares a major, often into the student’s second year. Before students register for classes, they plan their class schedule and academic programs with the assistance of their advisors.  Once the student and advisor meet, the advisor will release the advising hold, allowing the student to register. Additionally, advisors are available as resources throughout the year to offer curricular or non-curricular guidance.

To benefit from advisors’ ability to support students with sound, helpful counsel in the critical first two years of college, first-year students and sophomores should contact their advisors when they have questions about their academic plans or progress or if they need referral to other campus resources. Individualized success plans may be be put in place to ensure that students on academic probation avail themselves of advising and academic success services.

Faculty Advising for Juniors and Seniors

By March 1 of the sophomore year, students are expected to specify the academic program in which they intend to major. After the student declares a major, the department chair or faculty coordinator in the intended major becomes the student’s advisor for the junior and senior years. During that time, students should consult their advisors on all matters concerning their academic progress and plans: majors, graduate school, professional preparation, and related work.  Major advisors can also refer students to resources important to their academic progress and plans.  Juniors and seniors are also required to secure the release of the advising hold prior to registration.

Advising for Transfer Students

Students who transfer to Wofford from another institution will initially be assigned an advisor from the Office of the Registrar. The Registrar's Office will apply the accepted transfer credit to the student's Wofford transcript and advise the student about coursework appropriate for the first semester of enrollment at Wofford.  The Registrar's Office will register transfer students for their first semester of classes.  The students will register themselves for subsequent semesters after meeting with their advisor to release their advising hold.  Once the student formally declares a major, a faculty advisor in the department that houses the student's declared major will advise the student for the remainder of his/her academic career at Wofford.

Pre-Professional and Program Advising

Designated members of the faculty advise students in certain programs of study that integrate majors and/or courses from different disciplines of study, for example programs leading to professional schools in medicine, dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, Christian ministry, engineering, law, secondary and education.  Advisors and students in these programs collaborate to outline plans of study that are appropriate to the students’ interests and that fulfill the requirements of the non-Wofford agencies and institutions involved and the degree requirements of the college.  The Office of International Programs also acts an  advisor for students intending, preparing, and studying abroad.

Tutoring Services

The Director of Peer Tutoring organizes upper-class students to serve as tutors for fellow students who may need help with their studies. The peer-tutors are selected by the faculty and paid by the college. Students interested in receiving learning assistance can access information about peer tutoring in myWofford, or they can contact .