Departments, Programs & Courses

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Departments establish and oversee their  particular areas of study.  Each has outlined their course offerings, pre-requisites, major, minor, concentration, and emphasis requirements. Please be aware that not all courses are offered every year.  For additional information about program requirements or course offerings, contact the appropriate department chair directly.

Course Numbering System

Courses numbered at the 100-and 200-levels are primarily for first-year students and sophomores; courses numbered at the 300-and 400-levels are primarily for juniors and seniors.

In general, courses numbered in the 250s, 450s or 460s are research courses or directed study courses; those numbered in the 470s are independent study courses; and those numbered in the 280s, 290s, 480s or 490s are either selected or advanced topics courses. Honors courses, which may be developed for individual senior students, are numbered at 500.

Course Restrictions

Enrollment in 100- and 200-level Foreign Language courses and ENGL 102 Seminar in Literature and Composition, is reserved for first-year students. Students who do not complete the General Education requirements in those areas by the end of their entering year cannot be guaranteed space in the courses in future semesters. Sophomores and first-year students with advanced standing have priority registration for 200-level English courses. Students who do not fulfill the 200-level English requirement by the end of their sophomore year cannot be guaranteed space in future semesters.

For Chinese, French, German and Spanish 101, 102, 200, 201, 202, 301 and 303, a general restriction applies. Students who receive credit for a more advanced course normally may not take or repeat a less advanced course in the same language and receive credit for it (the only exception is for 201 and 202 which may be taken in any order). Students should not plan to enroll in restricted foreign language courses without first seeking the approval the chair of the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Although MATH 160 Calculus for the Social Sciences for the Social Sciences and MATH 181 Calculus I are two separate courses, however, a student may NOT earn credit for both courses during their Wofford career.  

Students may earn a maximum number of credit hours in the areas/courses as indicated below:

CHEM 250 Introduction to Research:  4 hours

CHEM 450 Senior Research:  4 hours

CHIN 241 Language & Culture I :  4 hours

COSC 280 Selected Topics in Computer Science:  6 hours

ENGL 400 Communications in Community:  6 hours

THEA 400 Theatre Practicum:  6 hours

Applied Music (MUS),  8 credit hours total from the courses listed:

          MUS 100 Men's Glee Club

          MUS 101 Wofford Singers

          MUS 102 Women's Choir

          MUS 150 Concert Band

          MUS 151 String Ensemble

          MUS 260 Individual Instruction (only 4 of the 8 credit hours can be in MUS 260 Individual Instruction)

          MUS 302 Instrumental Chamber Music

          MUS 351 Wofford Concert Orchestra

Physical Education (PHED),  2 credit hours total from the courses listed:

          PHED 102 Fitness

          PHED 103 Tennis

          PHED 104 Racquetball

          PHED 105 Softball

          PHED 106 Karate

          PHED 107 Dance

          PHED 108 Special Activities

          PHED 109 Team Sports