Tuition & Fees

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For each academic year, the Wofford College Board of Trustees establishes comprehensive fees for resident and commuting students. These fees are set at the levels required for meeting the costs of the college’s program, after those costs have been offset by endowment and other investment earnings and by annual gifts from alumni, parents, businesses, United Methodist churches, and other friends of the college.

The schedule for 2018-2019 fee payment was set as follows:

  Payment Period 1 Payment Period 2
Resident Student $31,090 $25,440
Commuting Student $24,115 $19,730

The first payment period includes the fall semester and the Interim. A student who matriculates for the fall semester is responsible for payment for the entire period even if he or she elects not to attend the Interim. The second payment period is for the spring semester.

The comprehensive fee includes tuition and student activities fees, and in the case of resident students, includes room, board and limited health care services.  It provides for each student one copy of the college annual (but note that the staff of the annual has the authority to make additional charges for personal photographs appearing in it) and subscriptions to other student publications, admission to home athletic events, and participation in all organizations and activities that are intended for the entire student body. No assessment by classes or by the student body can be made except by special permission of the college administration.

The comprehensive fee also does not include the $250 security deposit that must be paid by each resident student. This deposit is held by the college as long as the student reserves or resides in college housing. When there are residence hall damages for which a student is held responsible, the student will be charged for them and the charges will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit balance must then be restored to $250 during which time the student will reside in college housing. At the time a student ceases to reserve or reside in college housing, the balance of the deposit becomes refundable.

The comprehensive fee also does not include coverage for the costs of travel, subsistence, or activities on foreign trips or other off-campus travel.

The comprehensive fee does not include fees associated with Interim programs. Fees required by the Interim program for which the student is registered will be billed separately in late fall. Payment for these fees must be received by the due date on the bill in order for the student to participate in the Interim program.

Students enrolled in courses totaling fewer than nine semester hours pay tuition on a credit-hour basis. The current charge per credit-hour may be obtained from the Business Office.

Persons other than full-time Wofford students are charged for auditing a course. The current charge may be obtained from the Business Office.

Summer fees are shown at and all other tuition and fees can be accessed at