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CHEM 250. Introduction to Research. 1 Hour.

Elementary investigations in chemistry for students who wish to begin research early in their undergraduate studies. A student may earn a maximum of 4 semester hours in Chemistry 250.

Prerequisite: CHEM 124 with a minimum grade of C.

Chemistry (CHEM)

The Department of Chemistry offers two major tracks and a minor.  In order to allow flexibility in the major and to provide for differing professional goals, major tracks in both Pre-Professional Chemistry and in Liberal Arts Chemistry are available.  The Pre-Professional Chemistry Track of 37 semester hours is for students who plan to do graduate work leading to the MS or PhD degree in chemistry or who plan to become industrial chemists. It is designed to conform to the criteria recommended by the American Chemical Society for undergraduate professional education in chemistry. The Liberal Arts Chemistry Track of 33 semester hours in chemistry and four in biology provides more flexibility in selecting courses within the major and in taking elective courses in other departments. It is designed to give a sound foundation in chemistry for students pursuing medically related careers.

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