Degree Requirements

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It is the responsibility of each student to know and meet the requirements for the completion of his or her degree.

Achievement of the bachelor degree is based on a broad distribution of courses across representative fields of the liberal arts as well as a focused study in at least one field. The object of the broad distribution, accomplished by fulfilling the general education requirements, is designed to give the student a wide-ranging view of our intellectual heritage and to expand his/her outlook. The focused study is achieved by completing a major in one academic discipline or program.  It gives the student the opportunity to acquire a competence in a particular field of scholarship.

In all coursework applied to the Bachelor's degree, students must meet certain standards as outlined in the Total Hour, GPA, Residency portion of this Catalog.

As well as completing the degree requirements, each student must be approved for the BA or BS degree by the faculty during the May meeting, prior to commencement.  Students are degree-eligible when they have met all requirements, have been approved by the faculty, have no outstanding disciplinary charges or sanctions, and have no unmet financial obligations to the college.

Some requirements may be fulfilled by credits earned through the Advanced Placement Program, College-Level Examination Program, International Baccalaureate Program, or certain other exams or experiences. The application of those credits to Wofford degree requirements is determined by the Office of the Registrar and the Chair of the appropriate academic department.

Students preparing for post-graduate or professional study (engineering, medicine, dentistry, law, ministry, and others) must complete certain requirements for entry to advanced study in those fields. Students preparing for a career in secondary education must meet certain requirements for licensure. Such requirements may be part of, or in addition to, the courses required for the Wofford degree. Students interested in pre-professional programs should become familiar with the particular requirements of those programs and how they differ from the requirements for graduation.  They should also speak with the appropriate faculty advisers for further clarification.