Programs, Concentrations & Emphases

Wofford offers additional areas study which are interdisciplinary in nature or specifically focus on one aspect of the student's chosen major.  Typically, programs are interdisciplinary fields open to all students, while concentrations and emphases are available only to students pursuing a specific major.  Programs, concentrations and emphases are offered in the following areas (those that require a specific major, note that major in the parentheses):

African/African American Studies
Asian Studies
Classical Civilizations 
Gender Studies 
Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Medical Humanities
Middle Eastern & North African Studies
19th Century Studies (English or History)

American Politics (Government)
Applied Math (Math)
Creative Writing (English)
Film and Digital Media (English)
Political Theory (Government)
Pure Math (Math)
Studio Art (Art History)

Computational Science (One of the Natural Sciences, Computer Science, or Math) 
Information Management (Accounting, Business Economics, Economics or Finance)

Specific requirements for each are found in the Departments, Programs & Courses section of the Catalog.