Major Requirements

A major involves the successful completion of substantial numbers of semester hours in one academic department or, under certain circumstances, in a selected combination of departments. More than half of the courses in a student’s major must be taken and successfully completed at Wofford.  In addition, a 2.00 grade point average (GPA) in the major is required for graduation. The major GPA is determined by computing the grade point average of courses that fulfill major requirements as described in this catalog.  Courses taken, that do not fulfill major requirements, do not factor into the major GPA calculation.  The number of hours required for each major ranges from 27 - 40 (in addition to any prerequisite hours).   The specific requirements for a given major can be found in the Departments, Programs & Courses section of this Catalog.  

By March 1 of the sophomore year or at the point the student earns 60 credit hours, whichever is later, the student is required to officially declare their major by completing the Major Declaration Form. The form is available through myWofford and the Registrar's webpage.  It requires the approval of the Department Chair of the student’s intended major who will also assign the student's faculty advisor.

Majors are available in: Accounting, Art History, Biology, Business Economics, Chemistry, Chinese, Computer Science, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, Finance, French, German, Government, History, Humanities, Intercultural Studies, International Affairs, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Religion, Sociology & Anthropology, Spanish, Studio Art, and Theatre.