Intercultural Studies (ICS)

The Intercultural Studies major offers students the opportunity to design an interdepartmental major in international studies. The major is intended primarily for students whose interests lie in the study of cultures outside Europe and North America and whose undergraduate academic goals cannot be achieved through majors in the traditional academic departments. Students will create their own curriculum around a particular geographical region and a relevant research theme.

Before declaring a major in Intercultural Studies, a student must:

1) meet a minimum 3.0 GPA requirement, or submit the recommendations of three faculty members from different departments

2) make an appointment with the coordinator before the beginning of the junior year to discuss a region and a topic focus

3)  Propose a two-year course plan to the coordinator 


Kimberly A. Rostan

Requirements for the Major in Intercultural Studies

Prerequisites for the Major

A 3.0 cumulative grade-point average for at least three semesters OR the recommendation of three faculty members from different departments.

Major Requirements

Thirty-three credit hours at the 300- and 400-level from appropriate departments or from International Programs specifically approved by the major coordinator. Normally, courses will be selected from the offerings in Anthropology, Economics, English, Fine Arts, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Government, History, Humanities, Religion, and Sociology.  The student may include one methods course numbered at the 200- level from an appropriate discipline, if relevant. The major also requires a capstone experience, which may be completed by participating in an existing capstone course in an appropriate discipline, or by completing ICS 470 Independent Study. The capstone experience should be taken during the senior year (normally in the spring semester) and should integrate work from the various departments.

ICS 280. Selected Topics in Intercultural Studies. 0 to 4 Hours.

Selected topics in Intercultural Studies at the introductory or intermediate level.

ICS 470. Independent Study. 1 to 4 Hours.

A course in which the student pursues independently, under the guidance of a member of the department, a specific topic of interest.

ICS 475. Presidential Scholarship. 1 to 15 Hours.

Selected by the President of the college, the recipient(s), known as the Presidential International Scholar and Presidential Global Studies Scholar(s), is/are expected to plan a program of research and experience in the developing world. This special opportunity is intended to expose students to diverse world cultures and some of the problems which define the contemporary world. Instructor permission required.

ICS 480. Advanced Topics in Intercultural Studies. 0 to 4 Hours.

Selected topics in Intercultural Studies at the advanced level.

ICS 500. Honors Course. 3 Hours.

At the discretion of the faculty, students may undertake a six-hour independent course of study in the senior year in order to broaden their educational experience within their major area of study. Students must meet specific GPA standards and arrange a faculty sponsor. The honors course criteria are outlined in the Academic Honors portion of the catalog.