Physical Education (PHED)

The Department of Physical Education does not offer a major or minor.  However, all students are required to complete one PHED course in partial of the fulfillment of the Wellness general education requirement necessary for graduation.  Students may complete the course during Fall, Interim or Spring.  Students are NOT permitted to earn more than two credit hours in Physical Education. 

Students taking more than one PHED only repeat PHED 102 Fitness - as long as the activity of focus is different for each course.  In all other cases the PHED number and activity must be different.

The faculty members associated with the Department of Physical Education typically serve on the Athletics or Student Affairs staff in addition to teaching Physical Education.


Mark D. Line

PHED 102. Fitness. 1 Hour.

PHED 103. Tennis. 1 Hour.

PHED 104. Racquetball. 1 Hour.

PHED 105. Softball. 1 Hour.

PHED 106. Karate. 1 Hour.

PHED 107. Dance. 1 Hour.

PHED 108. Special Activities. 1 Hour.

PHED 109. Team Sports. 1 Hour.