19th Century Studies (NCS)

The Nineteenth Century Studies program crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries and considers the trends and events of the 19th century from a variety of cultural and historical perspectives. For the purpose of this program, the period of study dates from 1785 to 1918.The program culminates in a semester-long independent capstone project.

The Nineteenth Century Studies program is not a major; it is an interdisciplinary program available to students majoring in English or History. With the exception of the capstone project, courses applied toward requirements for the Nineteenth Century Studies Program may also be counted toward the major or minor in English or in history or toward the General Education requirement. Completion of the program will be noted on the transcript.


Sally A. Hitchmough
Anne B. Rodrick

Program Requirements

HIST 371Europe in the Age of Anxieties, 1850-19143
ENGL 311The English Romantic Period3
or ENGL 312 The Victorian Period
HIST 370Europe in the Age of Revolutions, 1789-18503
or HIST 384 Modern Britain
ENGL 470Independent Study 13
or HIST 470 Independent Study in United States History
Select one of the following:3
Later European Masterpieces
Select one of the following:3
The Early English Novel
The Later English Novel
Early American Popular Novels
19th Century American Poetry
History of the United States, 1607-1865
History of the United States Since 1865
South Carolina
History of the American South to the Civil War
History of the American South since the Civil War
Topics in American Social History
Select two from any of the above or the following:6
19th-Century Art
Special Topics Seminars
Other courses approved by the coordinators
Total Hours24

The independent study course is completed during the senior year.  It is of an interdisciplinary topic approved by the student’s adviser.