Transfer Student Admission

Prospective students that successfully completed coursework at other institutions of higher education may be considered for admission with advanced standing, provided they are eligible for re-admission to the institutions they last attended and that they meet the regulations governing admission to Wofford College. Transfer applicants are expected to present grade-point averages of at least a 3.0 from a four-year colleges and a least a 3.5 from two-year colleges.

Wofford College will evaluate all coursework and accept that which is equivalent to course offerings at Wofford and/or determined to be applicable to the liberal arts curriculum.  Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended must be received and evaluated by the Registrar's Office before any transfer credit is awarded.  This includes dual enrollment credit the student took while in high school.  Unofficial transcripts, screenshots, or photographs of transcripts will NOT be accepted for evaluation.  

Courses eligible for acceptance must meet the following criteria:

  1. The grade must be equivalent to a ‘C’ (2.00) or higher
  2. It must be similar to courses/programs offered at Wofford
  3. It must be completed at an institution of higher learning recognized by one of the six regional accrediting associations

Wofford College credits are expressed in semester hours. Courses evaluated for transfer from colleges and universities with different credit systems (quarter hours, units, etc.) are converted to semester hours. The Office of the Registrar determines which courses will transfer to the college, whereas the Chairs of the specific academic departments determine the applicability of the course to majors, minors, programs, etc.

The maximum number of credit hours accepted upon transfer is 60 semester hours (exclusive of credit in basic military science). No more than two semester hours in physical education will be accepted. The college will not accept credit for any course work completed as part of a wilderness expedition, leadership training (NOLS), semester at sea program, Project Lead the Way, or Boys/Girls State. Also, courses offered by correspondence, television or extension will not be accepted.  Grade-point averages are not transferred, only credit hours. Wofford’s residency requirement stipulates that the last 30 credit hours of coursework and more than half of the requirements for the major/minor must be completed at Wofford College in order to earn a Wofford degree.

For more information, please visit our Transfer Applicant Page