Application Procedures

Students interested in applying for admission should visit the Wofford Admission website, which contains the necessary forms and instructions for both first-year students and transfer applicants. Also provided are links to financial aid, scholarships, “Fast Facts” about Wofford, a profile of the current incoming class, and a virtual tour of campus.

Here is a summary of application procedures and policies:

  1. Each person seeking admission must complete the Common Application.
  2. Transcripts and other documents regarding previous academic work provide important information about students’ academic history and potential. For high school applicants, high school transcripts and the Common Application School Report are required and are to be sent directly to the Admission Office by the schools attended. For transfer applicants, official transcripts of both high school and college work are required; all these materials are to be sent directly to the Admission Office by the schools and colleges concerned. For home school applicants, accredited home school transcripts (if applicable) and/or portfolios recording all high school work completed are required. These should be sent to the Admission Office by the persons who supervised the schooling.
  3. The results of performance on standardized tests are helpful in assessing students’ potential for success at Wofford. Applicants for the first-year class have the option to submit either Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores or American College Testing Program (ACT) scores. Please visit Wofford Admission Test Optional for more info regarding our test optional policy. 
  4. Letters of recommendation from teachers or other respected adults who know first-year or transfer applicants well are encouraged. Such letters may be sent to the Admission Office.