Requirements for Admission

Students should prepare for the challenges at Wofford by taking strong academic programs in high school. Students should be in the senior year of high school when they apply for admission, and normally must be high school graduates when they enroll at Wofford. While the college does not prescribe a rigid set of course requirements for admission, it is strongly recommended that applicants’ high school study include the following:

English 4 years
Mathematics 4 years
Laboratory Science 3 years
Foreign Language 3 years (in one language)
Social Studies 2 years

Each applicant is judged on his or her merit as a potential Wofford student. In reaching each of its decisions, the Committee on Admission pays particular attention to the applicant’s courses, grades, level of curriculum, class rank, test scores (if submitted), extracurricular involvement, leadership, and service, and recommendations from the guidance counselor, and others who know the student well.

The college will consider applicants whose educational circumstances are unusual. Students desiring to enter Wofford prior to attaining a high school diploma and students who by nontraditional means have attained the equivalent of admission requirements will be considered on an individual basis. The Committee on Admission carefully reviews such applicants and may grant admission upon evidence of superior ability and maturity. 

Dual Enrollment Requirements for High School Juniors & Seniors

Wofford offers a program of dual enrollment through which qualified students may combine high school study with study in college. Application may be made in writing to the Director of Admission. 

The dual enrollment program provides the opportunity for students to take semester courses at Wofford while still enrolled in high school as juniors or seniors. The limit is two such courses per semester, but normally the dual enrollment student would take only one at a time. Credits earned in these courses are applied toward the degree at Wofford and may be transferred subject to the regulations of other institutions. Applicants for this program must be in college preparatory work in high school, must rank in the upper 10th of their class, and must be recommended by their principals. The course fees for students in this program are equal to the per-semester-hour fee charged during summer school.