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PHY 142. Physics for Science & Engineering II (with lab). 4 Hours.

A continuation of PHY 141 in a calculus-based study of mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics suitable for those majoring in areas such as physics or chemistry and for those in pre-engineering. Students may take MATH 182 concurrently.

Prerequisite: PHY 141 with a minimum grade of D and MATH 182 with a minimum grade of D.

Physics (PHY)

The Department of Physics offers a major with two separate tracks and a minor.  The different major tracks are based on the student's intended career path.  The Industry Track is intended for students who plan to attend graduate school in a field other than physics and/or plan to seek immediate employment.  The Pre-Professional Track is for students who intend to enter graduate school in preparation for a future career specifically in Physics.   Either track may be augmented by the  Emphasis in Computational Science . 

Chemistry (CHEM)

...Engineering series: PHY 141 Physics for Science & Engineering I (with lab) and PHY 142 Physics...