Wofford College Alumni Association

The purpose of the Wofford College Alumni Association shall be to unite the alumni and friends of Wofford College in good fellowship and in cooperative enterprise with the students, faculty, officers and trustees of Wofford College; to assist in providing an intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic atmosphere in which scholarly efforts might lead to a common search for truth and freedom; to assist in the recruitment of students who will carry forth this search; and to support in all appropriate ways the aims of Wofford College and the expansion of its achievement and influence.  Members shall be persons who have completed at least two semesters (one academic year) at Wofford, current students, persons who are holders of honorary degrees, members of the Board of Trustees, and Faculty and Administration who are not otherwise eligible.  .

Alumni Association Board

The governance of the Wofford College Alumni Association is provided by the Alumni Association Board (AAB).  A minimum of 20 and maximum of 25 members shall serve on the AAB at any time.  In addition, the President of the Terrier Club and the Chair of the Black Alumni Association shall serve as ex-officio members of the AAB with voting privileges.  The AAB will meet at least two times each year. 

To be considered for membership, alumni must submit an online application and be appointed by the board’s nominating committee.  Members shall serve three-year terms with the possibility of reappointment for a second term.  

Current Membership

Sally Nan Barber '78
Charlottesville, VA

Britt Becknell '89
Spartanburg, SC

Brandon Berry '07
Anderson, SC

Gus Brabham '94
Columbia, SC

John Cuttino '79
Columbia, SC

Tim Finch '89
Charlotte, NC

Lynn Fulton '89
Dover, DE

Catherine Gramling '99
Gramling, SC

David Grier '93
Winston Salem, NC

Ashley Harmon-Poston '09
Denver, CO

David Harrell '94
New York, NY

Beth Hrubala '93 (President, Alumni Association Board)
Spartanburg, SC

Billy Keesley '75
Edgefield, SC

Richard Krapfel '78
Winston Salem, NC

Armando Llorente '78
Atkinson, NH

Nathan Madigan '08
Atlanta, GA

Robert Mickle '85 (Chair, Black Alumni Association)
Elgin, SC

Phillip Mullinnix '08
Charleston, SC

Coker Powell '00
Spartanburg, SC

Heidi Putnam '93
Greenville, SC

Courtney Rambo '01
Simpsonville, SC

Craig Richard '94
Spartanburg, SC

Jeff Sarvis '80 (President, Terrier Club Board)
Lyman, SC

Jonathan Spitz '09
Columbia, SC

Ed Stewart '86
Arlington, VA

Marshall Walsh '71
Moore, SC

Lynette Wilson-Phillips '86
Lithonia, GA