The Space in the Mungo Center

Founded in 2010, The Space in the Mungo Center houses programs that bridge the space between college and life after graduation. The programs leverage the college's liberal arts foundation and focus on developing skills and talents that give Wofford students a competitive advantage regardless of the future they pursue. 

The Space truly changes the paradigm of preparing students for the transition to life after college by providing practical tools and hands-on experience for the world of work. Whether students anticipate a career in business, non-profits, medicine, law, entrepreneurship, or anything in between, The Space will provide coaching, advice, connections, and support for their ideas and projects to help them get where they want to go. 

The Space to: Prepare

The Space to: Prepare houses the Career Development office, focused to help Wofford students develop the skills necessary to gain meaningful employment or entry into graduate or professional programs of study.  From resume preparation to skills assessment and professional skills workshops, The Space to Prepare will teach the skills needed to find the right job or graduate school after Wofford.

The Space to: Explore

The Space to: Explore focuses offers unique and robust internship opportunities that are focused to complement the learning students receive in the classroom.  These domestic and international opportunities are great additions to your resume and help you discover things you would love to do after Wofford.

The Space to: Launch

The Space to: Launch is for all students who have a business, have a desire to start a business or nonprofit, or have the perfect idea for one. In addition, The Space has added a certificate program in Entrepreneurial thinking.  The latter program is in the works for this year and will continue to evolve.   Launch allows students to follow their dreams all while creating incredible experience geared to set you apart from other applicants.