The Honor Code

Wofford College is committed to the moral and intellectual growth of its students, faculty and staff.  Because academic freedom and responsibility demand that members of the community embrace unambiguous principles of good conduct.  Members of the Wofford community are expected to be honest, trustworthy, responsible and honorable. Dishonesty, lying, cheating, defrauding and/or stealing  of research, ideas, coursework from another  is especially destructive of the academic process. The Honor Code requires students to pledge honesty in their academic work and sets forth appropriate responses to those who violate that pledge. A complete description of the Honor Code, academic dishonesty, reporting procedures, and sanctions for violation of the Honor Code are published yearly in the Student Handbook.

Honor Pledge

I understand that Wofford College seeks to develop the character as well as the intellect of its students. I understand that Wofford students are expected to be honest, trustworthy, and honorable. Further, I understand that behavior contrary to these expectations threatens the values of the college and destroys trust among members of our campus community. I have read and understand the provisions of the Wofford College Honor Code governing academic dishonesty. I understand that academic dishonesty reflects poor judgment and character, undermines the integrity of the academic program, and diminishes the value of the credentials of the graduates of the college. As a sign of my membership in the Wofford College community and of my allegiance to its principle of honor, I promise the faculty and my fellow students that I will never engage in an act of dishonesty in my academic work.