Residence Life

Wofford operates nine residence halls and the Village apartments accommodating more than 92 percent of the student body. All single full-time students, except those commuting daily from their parents’ homes or the homes of other relatives (i.e., grandparents, aunts, uncles, or married brothers or sisters) are required (assuming rooms are available) to live in the college residence halls and to take their meals on campus. Upon application, exceptions may be granted by the Dean of Students or the Assistant Dean of Students to students who are in active military service or who are veterans of two years of military service, students who are regularly employed 35 hours or more each week and whose schedules would make living in the residence halls or taking meals on campus impractical, or students who for reasons of health, certified by a physician or practicing psychologist, have residence or dietary needs that could not be met in the residence halls. Students otherwise eligible to live in residence halls must have special permission from the Dean of Students to do so during any semester in which they are enrolled for fewer than nine semester hours.

Each resident student pays a $250 residence hall deposit which is held in an account by the college as long as the student reserves or resides in college housing. When there are residence hall damages for which a student is responsible, the student will be charged for them and the charges will be deducted from the account. The student must maintain a balance of $250 in the account. At the time a student ceases to reserve or reside in college housing, the balance of the deposit becomes refundable.

Resident students must submit a nonrefundable $500 reservation deposit by March 15 to reserve a room for the next academic year. The college guarantees housing for first-year students who submit a deposit by May 1. Rooms for upperclass students are assigned through an annual lottery. For the lottery, seniors will be given priority, then juniors, then sophomores based on enrollment cohort.  While a few single rooms are available, most residence hall rooms are designated for double occupancy. Insofar as facilities permit, resident students, including first-year students, are assigned to rooms with requested roommates.

The residence hall rooms are equipped with wireless internet and cable television. All rooms are furnished with single beds, mattresses, dressers, desks and chairs. Residents are expected to supply their own linens and accessories. Wofford recommends that students insure their belongings as Wofford cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen property or property damaged by fire or other causes.

Members of the Residence Life staff, selected for their abilities to assist and advise students, live in the residence halls. They work with the residents to create an atmosphere conducive to the well-being of all students and to encourage the recognition that residents must be responsible for maintaining such an atmosphere. Residence Life staff members are alert to the needs of students who have academic or personal concerns.

Wofford’s regulations and policies regarding campus life and student conduct are stated in the Student Handbook. The Honor Code and the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities as well as specific statements on such matters as possession of alcoholic beverages, the prohibition of illegal drugs, the use of automobiles, and students rights of due process are defined in the Student Handbook. All students are expected to be familiar with the information in it. The Residence Life website provides additional policy, dining, and housing information.