Blackwell-Quattlebaum Center for Wellness and Counseling Services

Medical Services

The campus health care program provides primary care for resident students and educates them on preventive measures concerning their health and well being. The college maintains an on-campus, limited-service clinic staffed Monday through Friday from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm by licensed health care providers, which includes nurse practitioners. Students may be referred, when appropriate, to the college physicians in the Spartanburg community.

Non-emergency visits to the Wellness Center, should be made during regular office hours, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm, and at times that do not conflict with classes. Students are encouraged to make appointments using the Patient Portal located on the Wellness Center website or the student's myWofford. The student must assume the responsibility for communicating directly with the instructor in matters concerning missed classes, assignments or exams because of illness. Please refer to the Class Attendance Policies for Illnesses in the Student Handbook for a full description.

The payment of the comprehensive fee entitles resident students to unlimited visits to the clinic on campus and to off campus office visits with the college physicians in ordinary cases of illness. The fee does NOT provide, and the college does not assume, the cost of X-rays, special medications, special nursing procedures, consulting physicians, surgical operations, laboratory tests, treatment of chronic conditions, convalescence from operations, or care in hospitals.  Additionally, students that visit the Wellness Center may incur fees for procedures, labs, physicals, injections and some prescription medications. 

After-hours emergency care is available by calling Campus Safety at 864-597-4911. The officers on duty will contact the resident assistant or RLC on duty and/or the Campus Life and Student Development staff member on call.

Spartanburg Medical Center is located close to the college. The following community services are available to students as needed:

  • The Spartanburg Medical Center Emergency Department and EMS are just minutes away and are available for emergency situations.
  • Regional-On-Call is a free service. A licensed health professional provides accurate health and wellness information by phone. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 864-591-7999.

Counseling Services

All currently enrolled Wofford College students are eligible for counseling services in the Wellness Center at no cost. These services are provided with the highest level of confidentiality by mental health professionals and are individualized based on each student’s need. Students with chronic mental health needs or substance abuse issues may be referred to a mental health professional in the community and any fees incurred will be the student’s responsibility. We are happy to assist these students and others who wish to see a counselor off campus in selecting the most appropriate resource. Wellness Center counselors are able to assist students with a variety of issues, from transition to college and minor adjustments to mental illness diagnosis and treatment. Appointments can be made by using the patient portal on the Wellness Center website.

All members of the Wofford community are able to access 24/7 mental health support from professional counselors by calling 864-597-4393. This service is connected with Wofford and Spartanburg community resources and Wofford staff provide follow-up and continuity of care. In case of emergency, Campus Safety may also be contacted at 864-597-4911.

Accessibility Services

The Wellness Center staff coordinates assistance for students with disabilities. In accordance with the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Wofford College seeks to provide disabled students with reasonable accommodations needed to ensure access to the programs and activities of the college. Accommodations, determined on an individual basis, are designed to meet a student’s needs without altering the nature of the college’s instructional programs. A student wishing to pursue accommodations should make an official request by visiting the Student page on myWofford. Detailed instructions and documentation guidelines are available in the Guide to Accessibility Services.

The Wofford Wellness Program

The Wellness Program at Wofford College includes programming relating to alcohol, safety, sexual responsibility, CPR and first aid, smoking cessation, stress and relaxation.