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PSY 150. Introduction to Psychological Science (with lab). 4 Hours.

Identical to PSY 110 with a lab component. This course will provide students with a broad knowledge base of the major concepts, theories, and research methods in the field of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on the use of critical thinking skills, and how students can apply psychological principles to their lives.The laboratory section will provide the opportunity to collect, analyze, and interpret data. Student will also understand and develop scientific writing and oral communication skills through revised APA style report and a presentation. Students may not earn credit for both PSY 110 and PSY 150.

Psychology (PSY)

The Department of Psychology offers a major that leads to the Bachelor of Science degree.  Students majoring in Psychology are also eligible to complete the Program in Neuroscience or the Emphasis in Computational Science.  The program in Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary examination of the nervous system and its regulation of behavior.  It is administered by both the departments of Biology and Psychology.  Many of the required courses will apply to both fields of study. A description of the  Neuroscience  program requirements can be found the  Catalog.  T he  Emphasis in Computational Science is an  interdisciplinary field which applies computer science and mathematics to psychology and other natural sciences. For requirements, see the  Computational Science  section of the  Catalog   

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...earn credit. Psychology Courses: PSY 110 Introductory Psychology and PSY 150 Introduction to Psychological Science...

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...CHEM 104, ENVS 160, PHY 108 and PSY 150 can apply to the natural science...