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PSY 150. Introduction to Psychological Science (with lab). 4 Hours.

Identical to PSY 110 with a lab component. This course will provide students with a broad knowledge base of the major concepts, theories, and research methods in the field of psychology. Emphasis will be placed on the use of critical thinking skills, and how students can apply psychological principles to their lives.The laboratory section will provide the opportunity to collect, analyze, and interpret data. Student will also understand and develop scientific writing and oral communication skills through revised APA style report and a presentation. Students may not earn credit for both PSY 110 and PSY 150.

Psychology (PSY)

All students majoring in psychology receive a BS degree.  Psychology majors are required to take one 4-credit laboratory course from a science department other than psychology (biology, chemistry, environmental studies or physics). 

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...earn credit. Psychology Courses: PSY 110 Introductory Psychology and PSY 150 Introduction to Psychological Science...