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MLA 475. Medicine & the Liberal Arts Seminar. 3 Hours.

An overview of the insights offered by a variety of disciplines regarding situations involving health and healing. While the class will deal with the liberal arts as a whole, special emphasis will be given to the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences. Students will produce a final project articulating a liberal arts viewpoint on a medical topic. This course is required of all students in the Medicine and the Liberal Arts program.

Medicine & the Liberal Arts (MLA)

The program in Medicine & the Liberal Arts analyzes healthcare issues from a variety of disciplines.  Students will be exposed to a broad humanistic viewpoint of the medical situations that present themselves to individuals over the course of a lifetime.  Pre-med students will gain a fuller understanding of the art of healing and of relating to patients than what can be obtained solely through the study of the sciences.  Students planning careers in government, ministry, and healthcare administration which deal explicitly with medical issues will also benefit.  Additionally, all will have the opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the ethical, religious, and social implications of the medical perplexities each of us face as citizens, family members, and individuals.