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MATH 424. Advanced Game Theory. 3 Hours.

Game Theory is an analytical tool that models strategic interactions. It is widely used in economics, political science, biology, sociology, and psychology. This advanced class is intended to provide a more rigorous introduction to the main concepts and techniques of the field. These techniques will be used to investigate relevant social phenomena, such as evolutionary games, auction theory, the "prisoner's dilemma," the "tragedy of the commons," tacit collusion, competition among firms, and strategic interactions in labor, credit, and product markets. The most important classes of games will be analyzed (zero-sum games, cooperation problems, coordination games, bayesian games, signaling games, etc.), as well as the most important solution concepts (rationalizability, nash equilibrium in pure and mixed strategies, bayesian nash equilibrium, and evolutionarily stable strategies). This course will also introduce students to the main techniques of game-theoretic mathematical modelling.

Prerequisite: MATH 210 with a minimum grade of D.