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HUM 260. Research Methods in the Humanities. 3 Hours.

Explore a variety of disciplines within the humanities and learn the skills and approaches necessary to complete multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary work a major or interdisciplinary program. Explore tools used in different disciplines and learn to evaluate primary and secondary sources and employ modes of discipline appropriate analysis. Gain experience in designing and completing a multidisciplinary writing project.

Humanities (HUM)

The Humanities major is an interdisciplinary study that combines courses offered in the following disciplines: Art History, English, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, History, Philosophy, Religion and Theater. It offers students who are interested the opportunity to design their major, but it also requires extra initiative to do so. Students considering this major should understand that it is not intended for those who simply have a broad interest in the humanities; such students should major in one of the humanities departments and take electives in the others.  The major is meant to study specific disciplines and then incorporate them into a final capstone/project.  Any student interested in this major should see the coordinator, who will discuss the suitability of the major for the student’s interests and will help in selecting faculty members who might appropriately serve as a committee to direct the student’s major.

General Education Requirements

...are required to take HUM 101 First-Year...literature course (excluding ENGL 260). FINE ARTS, 3...