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ENGL 200. Introduction to Literary Study. 3 Hours.

A study of the genres of fiction, poetry, and/or drama designed to develop the student's abilityto read literature with sensitivity and understanding and with a sense of literary tradition. Emphasis is on close reading of works from a variety of critical perspectives.

Prerequisite: (ENGL 101 with a minimum grade of D or HUM 101 with a minimum grade of D) and ENGL 102 with a minimum grade of D.

English Language and Literature (ENGL)

The Department of English offers a major in English. The major can be completed with or without a Concentration in Creative Writing or Film and Digital Media. In addition, the department offers minors in English, Creative Writing, and Film and Digital Media. The minors in Creative Writing and Film and Digital Media are only available to students who are not completing the major in English.

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General Education Requirements

...all students and one 200-level English (ENGL) literature course (excluding ENGL 260). FINE ARTS...