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EDUC 420. Instructional Methods. 3 Hours.

A course designed to provide teacher candidates with information and experiences to develop a broad view and understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and instructional methods of secondary teachers. Teacher candidates will be introduced to general and specific instructional strategies, methods, planning techniques, teaching resources, and technology for use in secondary classrooms. They will also be provided opportunities to further refine their philosophy of education, their understanding of the learning process, their knowledge of how to assist students in building self-esteem and confidence, and their skills in communications with students, teaching colleagues, school administrators, and parents. The ADEPT process will be introduced and discussed. Study of learning theories, current research on effective teaching, and the development of curriculum products to support effective teaching will be included. Conferencing with secondary students, teachers, administrators, and parents will be addressed, as will classroom management techniques. Attention will also be given to teaching students with special needs in the regular classroom. This course has a required field experience of 15 semester hours. Offered fall semester.

Prerequisite: EDUC 340 with a minimum grade of D.