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EDUC 200. Foundations of Education. 3 Hours.

This course is a study of the purposes, background, and organization of education in the United States. The development of the American education system is traced from its beginnings to the present day with emphasis placed on major developments influencing the school in modern society. The various philosophies of education will be considered. Significant social issues that impact education will be discussed and evaluated. To be taken in the sophomore year. Offered every semester.

Education (EDUC)

The Department of Education offers courses required for students who wish to prepare for licensure as teachers in grades 9-12 in biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, social studies (history, government, economics, psychology, and sociology) and K-12 in Spanish and French.

General Education Requirements

These requirements are intended to promote breadth of knowledge, integration of disciplinary perspectives, and understanding of diverse cultures. Wofford’s program seeks to develop skills in reading, written and oral communication, use of technology, critical thinking, creative expression, numerical reasoning, problem solving, and collaborative and independent learning. The college identifies these competencies as vital to intellectual and personal growth. While these competencies are developed in all courses in the curriculum, they are the explicit focus of general education courses.

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English Language and Literature (ENGL)

...Students in the Teacher Education Program who are...of at least one 200- level English course...

Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (MLLC)

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