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ECO 202. Principles of Macroeconomics. 3 Hours.

An introductory course in the economic analysis of the determination of income, employment and inflation. It is recommended that Economics 201 be completed with a grade of C-minus or higher before attempting 202.

Economics (ECO)

The Department of Economics offers two majors, one in Economics and one in Business Economics. For either major, students have a choice of earning the Bachelor of Art (BA) degree or the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. The BA in both majors provides students with the flexibility to tailor the major to their specific interests, whether qualitative or quantitative.  The BA option is appropriate for students wishing to apply to law school, MBA programs, or entering the workforce in the private or public sectors.  The BS in both majors requires significant quantitative work both within and outside of the Economics Department.  Students planning to attend graduate school in economics or other quantitative disciplines or those interested in working in quantitative fields will be well-served by the BS.

Accounting (ACCT), Business (BUS) & Finance (FIN)

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