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CHIN 101. Beginning Active Chinese. 5 Hours.

These beginning level Chinese courses are intended to enable students to develop good pronunciation in speaking Mandarin Chinese (putonghua or guoyu), to exchange information in simple but accurate Chinese on some basic topics (greetings, personal introductions, personal daily activities), to have a good command of some basic radicals as well as some commonly used Chinese characters. Also, Beginning Active Chinese hopes to cultivate students' interest in Chinese language and culture and lay a solid foundation for further study in Chinese.

Chinese (CHIN)

 In order to earn a major in Chinese, students must complete the required courses, either the Culture Track or the Language Track, and the study abroad requirement. The Chinese Major, Culture Track requires 33 credit hours while the Chinese Major, Language Track requires 35 credit hours.  Students who complete CHIN 101 Beginning Active Chinese and CHIN 102 Beginning Active Chinese as first-year students are strongly encouraged to pursue the Language Track.

General Education Requirements

...note introductory-level Chinese (CHIN 101/102) and Arabic (ARBC 101/102) language courses meet...

Departments, Programs & Courses

...subsequent semester. Humanities 101: HUM 101 is reserved...CHEM 250, CHEM 450, CHIN 241, MUS 260...