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ARTS 357. Shaping Space: Environmental Art & Installation. 3 Hours.

Beginning with a study of the history of environmental art and installations, students in this studio art course will design, build, and document (photographs, video, writing, etc.) original works of art intended to shape the experience of both interior and exterior spaces. Participants will be expected to participate actively in discussions about the implications of transforming public spaces, the social responsibility of the artist, and the role of art in the public domain. Natural, urban, and interior sites will be used. Collaborations involving sound, music, and staged actions will be encouraged. Pre-requisiste: 200-level ARTS course.

Prerequisite: ARTS 245 with a minimum grade of D or ARTS 250 with a minimum grade of D or ARTS 251 with a minimum grade of D or ARTS 252 with a minimum grade of D or ARTS 255 with a minimum grade of D.