Modern Languages, Literatures (MLLC)

MLLC 223. Modern Languages Seminar in Global Perspectives: Different Identities, Common Destinies. 3 Hours.

An interdisciplinary seminar in which students explore the diversity and commonality of human experience across a variety of regions in the world in preparation for making positive contributions as citizens in a global society. Conducted in English by modern language faculty. Successful completion of this course satisfies the Cultures and Peoples requirement for graduation.

MLLC 280. Selected Topics in Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. 1 to 5 Hours.

Selected topics in Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at the introductory or intermediate level.

MLLC 301. Intercultural Learning & Language Acquisition Abroad. 1 Hour.

This seminar is designed for students who intend to study abroad the following semester. Based on a developmental framework of intercultural competence, the course focuses on strategies that will guide intercultural learning during the immersion experience. Additionally, informed by research on second language acquisition, the course discusses strategies for successful target language proficiency development applicable across languages. Seminar conducted in English.

MLLC 302. Reflective Re-Entry from International Study. 1 Hour.

Designed to be taken upon return from a semester abroad, this seminar uses the developmental framework of intercultural competence. Students will critically reflect on their experiences of study abroad and reentry, articulate their learning for diverse audiences, and apply their learning to unfamiliar cultural contexts. Combining perspectives from international study in various cultures, the course explores the commonalities and differences among experiences, drawing to the fore the transferable intercultural competence and consolidating its growth through reflection. Seminar conducted in English.

MLLC 480. Advanced Topics in MLLC. 1 to 4 Hours.

The study of selected topics at the advanced level in Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures.