Student Activities

The goal of Student Activities at Wofford is to provide a wide variety of opportunities for a vibrant social life for all Wofford students. Wofford Activities Council (WAC) is a committee of Campus Union responsible for planning and implementing campus-wide social, cultural, recreational and intellectual events throughout the year. WAC meets weekly to plan programs and events, including monthly movie nights, pop-up events, Homecoming Week, Spring Weekend, Wofford’s Got Talent and a host of other large events.

Wofford Live is the concert committee of Campus Union, responsible for hosting band parties each semester and Spring Concert.  Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee (WAR) is a committee of Campus Union who is responsible for planning and implementing student tailgates, watch parties for professional and Wofford sporting events, and helps increase student section attendance for all sports teams.

Student organizations/clubs interested in hosting an event on campus can apply for funding through Campus Union.